Trusted & Experienced Ground Handling


Our team is a real family. Each member of our team is passionate about aviation and strives to do their job at the highest level. Each of our employees is a professional with extensive experience in private aviation.


We aim to deliver the saafest, most secure, and sustainable landside and airside services tailored to our customers’ needs


There are few most important components that make your aircraft fly. There are no trifles. All details matter. So it is important to find and trust your private jet to the prompt provider that takes care about all these components.


Ground Handling

We provide a full range of ground handling and supervision in Riga and arrange these services as agents in other airports. Our services are carried out quickly, quality and in accordance with strict safety regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority and high standards of executive aviation

Flight Permits

Aviation permits are the key component of the flight execution. We know key nuances and requirements of aviation authorities and air hubs of the world. Our experience and handling network around the world allows us to obtain flight permits in high demand airports within high seasons.

Aviation Fuel

Fuel is one of the most important and expensive considerations in flight planning. Managing this when dealing with flights into multiple destinations and countries can be challenging. We built partnerships with dozens certified and internationally recognized fuel suppliers to provide you premium fuel at the most competitive rates.